A Lesson In Email: The Money Is In The List… With The Back-End Sales

Outplay your competitors. You can win the business of your prospects if you can convince them that you are way better compare to your competitors. Keep yourself posted on the things that these people are doing so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to outplay them.

Make sure that the call to action in your messages is crystal clear. Featuring this element prominently dramatically increases the chances of a reader clicking on it and following through to your landing page. Even if they do not on a particular message, it will prevent them from getting soured on a jumbled message that does not seem to have a focal point.

People buy from people they like. Being honest over time will show subscribers you’re not just trying to make a quick buck. It takes a long time to build a good reputation and about 8 seconds to kill it.

Yes, having a call to action is a great way to make money in Sendlane Review. You’ve done enough research to know that. But what you need to know is that timing and focus are everything. Present your call to action first and your readers won’t read any further. If you decide to put in a call to action for something that has no relation to why your readers subscribed, you’ll find yourself with a lot less people reading your emails.

The first thing you should think of is why the visitors should give you their name and email. You have to offer something in exchange. that could be a free report, download, newsletter, or whatever. Your goal is to get YOUR visitors to subscribe to your list.

For some inexplicable reason, many beginning and even veteran email marketers feel the need to create a new persona. Often this persona is influenced by misconceptions of what they believe a marketer should be. You’d be surprised to know that the most effective marketers balance their efforts between being themselves and making a sales pitch. A simple way to do this is sharing parts of your life in your letter without any pretense. Just let your readers know who you are, it’s that simple.

Variety is another thing to consider. You might not want to tie yourself down to just one product, but instead offer two or three similar products. This means that you can use your list more than once or even twice promoting the same types of products. Promoting consumable products is another smart idea for an email marketing campaign. If you are selling face cream that lasts about a month, you can use your list to send out monthly letters reminding people of your site or even advertising new products along the same lines or company as the one they have already purchased. This is likely to keep your sales up and eventually set you up with a steady income from return customers that are reminded about your site.

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A Lesson In Email: The Money Is In The List… With The Back-End Sales

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