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We have an old saying in Real Estate: Your home is never more exciting than in it’s first weeks on the market. Even in a hot real estate market, once a house or condo sits for too long, it becomes stale, and buyers begin to ask: “What’s wrong with it?” Setting the asking price too high is the number one cause of this.

I am NOT a Real estate witness. I’m a financial planner. I’m merely saying that investing in real estate could be a nice part of your overall financial plan. How cool would it be to get $5000 a month for doing very little? Especially as you approach retirement? You could keep your lifestyle – or even have a better one – more travelling anyone?

To his home crowd, of republicans, the speech seemed to go over as well as Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes. Bush got many standing ovations and even a strange whoopee sound which seemed to downright delight Dick Cheney. The camera kept panning the room to focus on Hillary and Obama. They both looked as if they had V.I.P. seating to the Armageddon.

That’s an interesting point. The condition of the house was not as important because you heard the old saying about location, location, location. I don’t blame you for not having an inspection done because it looked good to you. You tested the tank and it flushed fine. The floors didn’t squeak and the place smelled great. The highway wasn’t an issue as long as you had some music on…and you always leave the TV on anyway. Okay…really?

Why is this important? Selling a house is a very stressful proposition, especially as sellers see potential profits eroding on a daily basis. Once your house is on the market, you will want to put the bulk of your energy into maintaining your stage, not dressing the set. If the house is not completely ready to list, you will be spending a good deal of time and energy playing catch-up around showings. Believe me: it takes much more energy to set a stage than it does to keep it up.

The article “resource box” or “author bio” is where you can point people to your website and tell them what you do. This is where you can finally sell yourself. The “author bio” or “resource box” is about you and your services. A good way to think of this is that the article body is the “give” and the author bio is the “take”.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to save time and money as well as get expert assistance in the process of raising angel or venture capital, look for a Venture Capital organization near you. A mentoring team will prepare you to go out and raise money in a way you never could have done on your own. There are many mentors and experts who can help you raise venture capital or connect with angel investors. I’d love to see your company as a window to our future!

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A Mentor On Raising Venture Capital And Real Estate Expert

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