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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) airs shows 4 days a week, not including television specials or pay per views. That is a lot of John Cena, Degeneration X, CM Punk, and the Undertaker. Instead of scheduling yourself around these shows, catch them anytime online. All of the following websites are free and offer hours and hours of WWE content including pay per views like Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble.

Every single wrestler under contract, fan in the arena and viewer at home (at least I did) chanted “thank you Ric.” What an amazing feeling – it made me feel part of one huge wrestling family. We don’t need anybody else. This for us, the people that understand and respect the business and we want to thank the man that made the business what it is!

A little under a year ago when Ric Flair was jobbing to Carlito and floundering in the lower ranks of the WWE I wrote a very negative piece entitled “Ric Flair From Designer to Desperate,” calling for the WWE to put him out of his misery. Little did I know that just a few months later the company would finally learn what Ric Flair is about and give him the kind of send off only Flair can live up to.

Billy Corgan has also announced information regarding a Smashing Pumpkins subscription service for fans who want access to the creative process behind the next Smashing Pumpkins project.

Kanye West? Almost as good as going to town hall meeting and watching to see who will act like a jackass. Aren’t the temper tantrums the reason we used to watch Jerry Springer, or the most popular Bill O’Reilly television moments? Isn’t the narcissistic attitude one of the reasons we Watch Wrestling Free? We seem to have an appetite for bad behavior, yet we compartmentalize it. I’ll bet some of the same people who think Joe Wilson was right to act like an ass last week are the same people who’d say Kanye West was wrong to do what he did last night. What’s the difference between the two events? Your politics, probably.

WWE Survivor Series Live Tonight on Pay Per View – This show is the most anticipated WWE event of the fall season, has sold out the wrestling mecca of New York City, Madison Square Garden. It features the Rock’s first match since 2004. Will the Rock be rusty when he tags with John Cena to take on The Miz and R-Truth?

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