3 Things To Consider When Creating A Dental Marketing Plan

The truth is, a dental website needs the same amount of attention as a good postcard, or phone book ad. Pretty pictures and fancy animations do not effectively CONVERT the visitor into a patient, and that’s the whole purpose right?

Coming up with a new ideas for good key words can help you become successful in dental marketing assistant as well. Use specific keywords (like dental, marketing, or any specific keyword that you can come up with). If done correctly, you can literally dominate your area in the Internet. and you will be able to crush your competitors!

In this article, dentist practice management economics adviser Lloyd Irvin will share to you his secret weapon in dental marketing business. The dentist practice management economics adviser will tell you why he loves this secret weapon above all else in the business. And the dentist practice management economics adviser will also share to you the advantages of using this weapon so that you will be able to achieve success in your business. And this is something that we focus specifically at our dentist practice management website!

Do you know someone (maybe you) that has the little placard that reads: “send us a referral and receive $25.00 off your next visit” or “the greatest compliment you can give us is sending your friends and family to us,” nailed to the wall?

One of the big things that is missing when you run smaller advertisements is the entire story. That is one of the main reason why we like to “lead generate”. The other reason is the “timing” of people being interested, but not ready to actually call the office right now!

When seeing my personal physician, and lab work is required, he calls me in the evening and discusses the results. If I have not been to the lab within a reasonable time frame, he calls and prods me to go & get the work done. Our personalities mesh and, even when I am in pain, it’s always a good experience. I’m sure I have sent him more than 25 referrals in the last year or two! He must do this with most of his patients because he has had to add a physicians assistant and nurse practitioners to handle the overflow of new patients and is now looking for a bigger office.

And why in the world would you want your ad to attract prospects interested in “affordable” dentistry. People looking for a discount are a bad audience to go after.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective and least expensive way to grow your dental practice, so follow these few tips and add word of mouth to your dental marketing plan today.

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3 Things To Consider When Creating A Dental Marketing Plan

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