Better Websites Through Better Web Design

Mini-sites are really simple. They’re small websites that have just one or two pages. They zero in on a very specific sub-topic of your niche and are based around highly targeted, usually long-tail, keywords. A mini-site is focused on one goal and one goal only – to get the visitor to take action now.

When designing your website, you need to make sure that your site and its content is accessible to everyone. It helps if you can find someone out of the country to check your site for you. Some content may not be displayed the same in other countries, so this is something you may want to check on.

The next thing I want to discuss is Freelancing. You can start making money in a reasonable amount of time just by offering your services. Whether you are good at it or not, there are companies that are always looking for help. You just have to convince them that you are the right one for the job. Traditionally, freelance websites focus on wollongong web design, graphic design, computer programming, etc. However, more and more jobs that demand other skills are listed every day.

If the site you are designing is large, make sure to include a search option. The best place to put your search box is on the top of your homepage. Shoot for the upper right corner. Users often expect to see a search box in this area and may want to search your site for the information they are looking for. You can use Google search or FreeFind, as they both give you access to an engine which is free and simple to use.

Make sure your site is easy on the eyes. Choose colors that a pleasant to look at, not harsh. If your site has conflicting colors or is just plain ugly, visitors will back out of it very quickly! You should also consider the readability of the site. If you use a dark background with a light text, it will not be as easy to read as a light background with a dark text. There are some websites that lend themselves to a white text on dark background look, but there are very few of them.

You want to make sure that the pages you have are easy to read. Some of the pitfalls that many people have in these regards include the font choice and the length. You need to have an easy to read and legible font. While the fancy font that you use for the headings on your brochures might look good in print, it doesn’t always translate well to the web. In fact, some visitors might not have certain fonts enabled, so they won’t be able to see all of your fanciful fonts anyway! Keeping things a bit simpler, while keeping them attractive, is a key to having a nice looking site.

Creating a mini-site has a wealth of advantages. If you offer a number of different products or services, you can create one for each. For example, if you’re a web content writer with several specialized niches, you can create a completely original site for each niche. When somebody’s looking for the specific niche you write in, they’ll find your site and know quickly that you’re the one.

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