Practical Ways To Increase Your Muscle

Have you noticed how some of your friends are extremely fat in spite of eating very less? On the other hand there are those who can eat as much as they want, and more, and yet still be super skinny. If you noticed this, it is not a figment of your imagination but is a core genetic reality. Some people are just born the way they are and everyone is born with certain genetically specified body characteristics. Understanding what type of body you belong to is crucial to understanding how to take care of it. Body types are essentially classified into three categories.

It’s bad for my back – For the same reasons about strengthening your tissues, squats also exercises your lower back. When done in correct form, it actually builds strong muscles on your lower back and not only correcting you from bad posture that results in a bad back, it may even give you a healthy strong back. Again, it will only hurt your back if done in poor form like bending forward or doing it with a rounded back instead of arching it during the movement.

When trying to build strong muscle you need to get rid of the unwanted fat. Now of course we do this by exercising but you want to focus on cardio. Have a routine as in running, jogging, jump rope or riding a bike. When you go out and do these activities make sure to have enough water with you. By drinking water you sweat more body weight. Try challenging yourself you always what to try to set up. When you exercise take that extra mile or extra ten minute walk or jog.

From there I cut out other sugarier beverages, like sports drinks and orange juice which I preferred and was harder for me to cut down on. I still have them sometimes but not as much. Then I started on the big one for me, candy. This was harder but when I went to the store I tried to get things with what I considered “useful” carbs instead of empty ones like candy. Way I figured it was that I was lifting weights and trying to how to gain muscle. Sometimes my body needed simple carbs (like the sugar in candy) but most of the time it didn’t. Other junk foods contained proteins and complex carbs my body would need later. These alternatives (like pizza) weren’t exactly health foods but they at least had some good things in them besides the bad.

Figure out what you like to do and turn it into some kind of exercise program. There are a multitude of options for programs and routines that can be found and downloaded on the internet. Search for “workout routines” and choose the one that catches your eye. With the number of different programs that are available, there will always be one that will work for you and help you build that much needed muscle.

Thin people should firstly gain muscles and then start working out in heavy machines. You should mostly perform body weight and cardio workouts. After a month, you can easily take up workouts such as bench press, dumbbell curls, and lat pull ups etc. You should perform at least 10 repetitions of your body weight workouts. Proper rest is extremely important. It stimulates steady recovery. You should sleep at least 8 hours daily for gaining muscles.

OK, now you know that you should eat protein and carbohydrates after a workout. But when should you eat them? There is a small window of time that exists when having a protein filled shake or meal that will be most beneficial to you. It is ideal to nourish your protein starved muscles twenty to forty minutes after your workout. For every minute after a workout, your body is less able to use the protein for the muscles you just worked so try to get a good meal as soon as possible after you lift.

Third is my favorite. Rest and sleep. Then sleep some more. After an intense workout, make sure not to over train by sitting in the couch doing absolutely nothing. This will give the body enough time to maintain and repair damaged muscles by your work out. When these maintenance checks are done, the muscles are stronger than before and yes, bigger. The quality of your rest intervals matters a lot!

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